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A buyer’s agent is a new concept for a real estate agent who strictly represents YOU, the BUYER. This legal distinction is important to understand because agents for SELLERS conduct the majority of today's real estate transactions. A seller's agent is contractually bound to obtain the price and terms most favorable to the selling party. That naturally puts the buyer at a significant disadvantage. As a buyer’s agent, it is my sole objective to ensure that the best interests of YOU, the buyer, are protected.


Your buyer agent stands ready to assist you in every possible way, from start to finish. The moment you contact me, I begin to work on a customized itinerary focused on touring through the communities, models or homes that meet the requirements you determine. I work very closely with you to develop a more in-depth understanding of your needs - from how much can you afford to finding the best home for your dollar. You can count on my local knowledge of new homes, builder reputations, newer home communities, local areas, and resale values. If you decide to build, I am with you every step of the way - from site selection, financing, construction meetings, through closing. I know how to do all the legwork to make the process go as smoothly as possible, so you can concentrate on the fun part......your new home!


Trusted Advisor

  • Explain fully the home buying process

  • Advise on re-sale value and potential

  • Offer creative financing alternatives

  • Help you determine affordability range

  • Provide you with neighborhood and location value data

Skilled Negotiator

  • Understanding your needs

  • Counsel on strategy for finding and buying a home

  • Suggesting tactics to get the most value for your dollar

  • Protecting your interests

  • Negotiating favorable terms

Expert Facilitator

  • Monitoring all contingencies

  • Communicating with all parties

  • Helping you estimate closing costs and total cash needed

  • Providing access to other services

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NEW HOMES:  Almost all builders in Jacksonville welcome buyer's agents who help sell their homes faster and therefore are happy to pay for the services. The price IS THE SAME whether you build a home using your own representation or do it on your own. And if you don't have representation, the builder just keeps that money in THEIR pocket - and you get no added value.


RESALE HOMES: When a seller determines that they are going to put their home on the market, they have a few choices. Sell it For Sale By Owner or List with a Realtor. 


  • If they choose to sell For Sale By Owner, many sellers will gladly pay a Realtor fee to bring them a buyer and handle the transaction - so the BUYER gets their services PAID FOR BY THE SELLER. 

  • If they choose to list with a Realtor, then all fees are PAID BY THE SELLER in the form of previously negotiated co-broker and listing agreements. 


BUYERS, you can count on:
  • Knowledge of market, community and neighborhoods

  • Listening to YOUR needs and understanding

  • Available when you need me

  • Finding homes with good value

  • Finding a home that meets your requirements with minimal compromise

  • Valuation assistance to make sure you are not paying too much

  • Full service assistance with inspections, mortgages, insurance, etc...

  • Always thinking ahead to prevent potential problems

  • Accountablity through surveys you fill out anonymously

  • Skilled negotiator

  • On YOUR side throughout the process, making sure everything is done correctly, from contract to closing

  • Keeping up with the details so you don't have to

  • Following through with what I say I am going to do

  • Staying in touch beyond closing - available even AFTER the sale

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