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It means listening and identifying your needs and setting expectations up front.

It means that you can count on is our Quality Service Guarantee - in writing! All aspects of the sale are presented in writing: Certified Market Analysis, written marketing plan with recommendations for selling your home, estimates of expenses, and net proceeds.


And it means that you can expect active communication and promotion of property, negotiating assistance and counsel, purchaser financial information, and so much more! If you are not completely satisfied, you can cancel at any time.


Trusted Advisor

  • Explain fully the home buying process

  • Advise on re-sale value and potential

  • Offer creative financing alternatives

  • Help you determine affordability range

  • Provide you with neighborhood and location value data

Skilled Negotiator

  • Understanding your needs

  • Counsel on strategy for finding and buying a home

  • Suggesting tactics to get the most value for your dollar

  • Protecting your interests

  • Negotiating favorable terms

Expert Facilitator

  • Monitoring all contingencies

  • Communicating with all parties

  • Helping you estimate closing costs and total cash needed

  • Providing access to other services

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Finally, all services are followed up with a 3rd party survey that helps me completely satisfy my customers and become accountable for all actions.

SELLERS, you can count on:

  • Getting Market Value and MORE

  • Minimal selling time

  • Commitment in writing

  • Marketing plan in writing

  • Reality based pricing

  • Recommendations on selling your home

  • Working hard so you don't have to worry

  • Communication and progress reports

  • Accountability through surveys you fill out anonymously

  • Skilled negotiator

  • On YOUR side throughout the process, making sure everything is done correctly, from putting your home up for sale to closing

  • Keeping up with the details so you don't have to

  • Following through with what I say I am going to do

  • Staying in touch beyond closing - available even AFTER the sale



In general, these will be the Major Steps for selling your home:


  1. When you are ready to put your home on the market, I'd like to come by at least a week or so in advance and do a "walk through" with you, giving you tips on how to "stage" your home and anything we need to do to make it more "showable".

  2. Around that time, I will also provide you with an updated market analysis, and we can decide our pricing strategy for the current market conditions. In addition, we will go over the marketing plan for your home.

  3. We will determine the date you want to put it on the market, and sign the paperwork.

  4. Once we put it on the market, there is a ton of marketing that gets started, including virtual tours/photos, magazine ads, a HUGE internet presence, mail outs, etc...

  5. Then we listen to the market to see if there will be a buyer out there that will be interested. During tough market conditions I will make recommendations to position yourself to the best possibility to get your home sold, and for a good price.

  6. After we get an offer, it will be a process of analyzing the pros/cons of the terms, determining our counter - and eventual final agreement.

  7. There is an involved process of coordinating the closing, which includes appraisal, inspections, quotes and repairs, loan approval, survey, title work, etc...

  8. Finally, you close on the sale, and collect your check, which will include paying off your mortgage(s), closing costs, and realtor fees. An estimate of the sum of those fees will depend on the final sales price, but I can give you a pretty good estimate in the beginning.

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