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There is help! 
If you could AVOID FORECLOSURE & LIMIT DAMAGE TO YOUR CREDIT, would you want to learn how?

Even If You Owe More Than Your Property is Worth, You Have Options.


If you have any of the following HARDSHIPS, and your property is WORTH LESS than you owe, your property may be considered DISTRESSED!

  • Mortgage Rate/Payment Increase

  • Job Loss

  • Property Damage

  • Death of a Spouse

  • Death of a Wage Earner

  • Inheritance

  • Severe Illness

  • Divorce

  • Relocation

  • Military Service

  • Insurance or Tax Increase       

  • Legal Separation

  • Incarceration

  • Too Much Debt


Based on your hardship we will help you....

Avoid foreclosure so you can move on with your life

Avoid further damage to your credit

Sell your over financed property (Short Sale)


If you are eligible for a Short Sale, there will NOT be any cost to you. Our fee will be paid by the bank. 


Call me today for a Free, No Obligation, Private Consultation.

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