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  • Wendy Griffis

A 92-Year-Old Rainbow

I knew a single-mother who did her very best to provide her daughter with everything she needed and more. When this mother decided to look for a house to create a home in for her daughter, she watched the market for almost an entire year. She knew this would be where her daughter’s memories were formed, play dates were held, and love was grown so she wanted it to be perfect.

Finally, the ideal house came on the market so we jumped at the chance to secure it. Everything was going smoothly until the inspector found that the property had a significant amount of wood rot and would need to be repaired. Unexpected complications arise in the closing process all the time. As the agent, I work to guide all parties to a win-win situation; however, there is only so much I can do.

This seller did not want to find a solution or compromise and instead refused to make any repairs to the home, even though the buyer had agreed to pay the asking-price and had chosen a quick closing-date. The repairs were too much for this single mom to take on so we withdraw our contract. Making things worse, the seller refused to sign and held the binder hostage. She also claimed that the home inspector left damages and demanded payment from the buyer. Once again trying to find the best solution, I covered payment for the repairs in hopes that the seller will leave us alone. Unfortunately, she also sent insulting Facebook messages to the buyer and left me a disturbing voicemail.

Buying and selling a home is very personal, but there is no need to treat others without respect. After this experience the buyer was hesitant to start over in her search, but we persisted. They always say that after a storm comes a rainbow, right? Our rainbow came in the form of a lovely 92-year-old seller with an enormous heart. She invited the buyer and her daughter to visit the house and greeted us all with warm hugs and friendly conversation The rest of the closing process followed suit. Inspection results showed only minor issues, and the home appraised at value. Now this single mother and her daughter have the perfect home to create life-long memories in, starting from the very beginning.

I see examples every day of how we treat each other as humans. In the process of buying or selling a home, there is almost nothing more valuable than the respect and understanding one can give to another.

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